Charity and Community Work

Traditional family values

As a family-run business, Passmore Group has been an established part of the local Leeds community for over 50 years and as a firm centred on traditional family values, supporting our local and wider community has always been important to us.

A Sense of Community

Our strong sense of community is the reason that we take every opportunity to help others in our area who find themselves in less fortunate circumstances. We are extremely proud to be actively involved with the Leeds Children's Charity, which raises funds so that children who suffer from poverty, neglect, abuse, learning difficulties, illness, or those who are themselves young carers, have the chance to visit the seaside, make friends and have fun by sending them to a beautiful holiday centre in Silverdale, Lancashire. This particular charity is close to the hearts of our directors, Tony & Steve Passmore, whose grandmother visited Silverdale as a child in the early 1900s.

Silverdale children's resort

At Silverdale, children are carefully looked after by a dedicated team who run a range of indoor and outdoor actives including sports, arts and crafts, dance and music, cycling, go-carting, scenic walks, swimming, treasure hunts and bowling.

The activities allow the children to enjoy themselves, providing them with an adventurous, educational, inspirational and challenging outlet for their energies, enabling them to feel happy, healthy, safe and secure. The week of fun encourages the children to develop personal and interpersonal communication skills, confidence and self-esteem through team building activities and lasting relationships with other children from different backgrounds.

Making a difference

The practical results of the project are evident in the behavioural changes seen in these children, who in many cases cope better with their challenging home situation, have a more positive attitude to school work and use new found strategies to support their social interactions.

The majority of the children who visit Silverdale come from the most deprived areas of Leeds and are nominated by their schools with the permission of their parents or carers, to be considered for a place on the holiday project. The project is wholeheartedly supported and endorsed by families, teachers, social workers and youth workers.

For more information on Leeds Children's Charity or advice on how you can get involved, visit their website.