Traditional Kitchens | Designed And Installed

There is so much choice when creating a traditional kitchen, from classic oaks to hand-painted finishes.

Whether you prefer a shaker style traditional kitchen, in-frame, or just the addition of tongue and groove panels, at More Kitchens we can create you an inspired traditional kitchen design that captures the timeless beauty of older styles whilst still providing the benefits of modern living.

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Linear Kitchens | Designed And Installed

If clean lines and modern aesthetics are your thing, our Linear kitchen designs are for you.

At More Kitchens we can create you a minimalist, modern kitchen using an array of different finishes with a choice of natural materials through to wood grains and high glosses.

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Classic Kitchens | Designed And Installed

Classic Kitchen designs stand the test of time and blend beautifully into any home.

Remaining timeless, there is so much choice when creating a classical kitchen, from shaker style to hand-painted and even solid oak finishes.

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Contemporary Kitchens | Designed And Installed

Contemporary kitchens can create a cool urban look or a warmer feel with an updated wood finish.

Whether you prefer a sleek handle-less style or a slim handle concept our contemporary kitchen designs offer clean crisp lines.

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Bespoke Kitchens | Designed And Installed

Bespoke kitchens are unique in the sense they are made to measure and fit your available space, while capitalising on your design requirements and functional needs.

Whatever your kitchen design preference, whether traditional, contemporary, linear, accessible or classic our approach to bespoke kitchen design ensures you'll get the kitchen you want in the space you have available.

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Accessible Kitchens | Designed And Installed

An accessible kitchen design should help make daily life easier.

At More Kitchens our range of accessible kitchens facilitate independent living by making the best use of available space. Taking out internal walls to open up your space, or restructuring your layout is a great way to open up your room, making it more practical to use.

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