Cassie’s Crowd Funding Appeal

23 October 2020

In September we issued a heart-warming article where we introduced you all to Rescue Cat; Cassie.

Crowd Funding Appeal:

Adopted by Passmore Stock Administrator, Mahri, it has recently transpired that unfortunately Cassie is in need of urgent medical attention.

Wanting to give Cassie a fighting chance in life, Mahri has now set up a Just Giving appeal whereby she is hoping to raise £1300 to pay for the treatment Cassie desperately needs.

A full breakdown of medical test and surgery requirements can be found on the donations and funding page but include:

> Blood Tests and analysis to determine the rate in which her kidneys are deteriorating.

> Heart scan to diagnose the size of her heart murmur

> Following analysis, and providing it is safe to do so, Cassie will then be anesthetised allowing the vets to conduct a full investigation of her injured leg

> Once the full investigation has been completed Cassie will then need surgery and medication.

Mahri is hoping to raise £1300 which would cover the cost of Cassie’s treatments, as listed above, in the hope of “saving the life of a young, playful and happy cat.”

If you are touched by this article and would like to donate please visit Cassie’s Just Giving Page.

Please note that although Passmore Group fully support Mahri in her crowd funding appeal this post and plea is completely independent from the company.

Cassie’s Story

Cassie was first discovered in our main office car park in Leeds, LS12, a little over two years ago. Noticing her deteriorating condition, Stock Administrator and devoted cat lover, Mahri, made it her mission to catch Cassie and take her to the vets to see if she had been chipped and could be returned to her rightful owner.

Unfortunately it soon transpired that Cassie, who is aged between 3 and 4, wasn’t chipped, is deaf, and upon receiving her very own COVID cut is severely underweight and malnourished.

Taking it upon herself to give Cassie the best second chance in life Mahri set up a temporary abode in her own home whereby she planned to get Cassie back up to full health before sourcing her a more permanent residence.

However as a result of the ongoing care requirements and medical treatments Cassie is now a permanent member of the Kirkby residence and a much loved member of the family.

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