COVID-19: Mirfield Showroom Update

30 September 2020

Whiteleys Garden Centre located in Mirfield and home of our More Bathroom and More Kitchen concession showroom, has installed face mask recognition technology in their fight against coronavirus as reported by the BBC.

Protecting the health and well-being of all remaining the centres number one priority the software has been introduced at the main entrance to remind and encourage customers to wear a mask, notwithstanding those that are exempt.

Passmore Group Managing Director Tony Passmore comments:

“Naturally we want everyone who visits the Centre, and our showroom within it, to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

With so many different rules and guidelines on where masks should or shouldn’t be worn I think it’s very intuitive of the Centre to take it upon themselves to introduce such technology to help clear up any confusion.

As a business we support Whiteleys Garden Centre in their fight against coronavirus.”

You can read more about the technology via the BBC article here.

NOTE: At present it is advised by the Government that face coverings should be worn by those who are able to do so in retail shops and settings, which offers goods and services for the retail sale.

It is not yet a requirement that such PPE be worn in non-retail settings however we would encourage customers that are visiting either our Leeds Showroom or Harrogate Showroom to do so if they are able. To read our latest COVID-19 policies and procedures click here.

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