Passmore Group Featured On BBC News

14 June 2021

On 28/6/21 Company Chairman Tony Passmore was featured on BBC News Look North and BBC Radio Leeds to discuss the current challenges in the building & construction industry in the U.K.

As reported on BBC News ‘In the first quarter of this year builders have reported the highest level enquires for work in 10 years and builders are reporting an increase in the cost of materials such as glue, plaster and concrete.’

When asked about construction supplies Tony explained ‘The days of going to your local builder’s merchant to back up some cement, bricks, blocks or timber you can’t guarantee that you’re going to get it so you’ve got to phone around to try and get what you can.

We’re getting there by the skin of our teeth but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Things are going up in price and that’s extremely difficult because we’re providing a contract that was priced up during the middle of 2020 that we’re now getting off the ground.’

With the surge in home improvements, Tony also further explained how it’s affecting smaller and medium sized businesses the most ‘The big guys and house builders are ordering well ahead. I think most people are being quite honourable about it. We can’t order that far ahead because were one of the smaller guys so we’re almost ordering on a job by job basis.

Tony commented on being on BBC News ‘it was a fun experience. I’m grateful I was chosen to give my expert view on the current construction industry in the U.K.

Also in the video can be seen Passmore Group Multi-Skilled Fitters Gary & Matthew.

If you haven’t see the video yet it can be seen below:

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