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8 March 2021

Although we do not need an excuse to treat our mums, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, falling on the 14th of March.

Alongside running our very own Mother’s Day Competition we wanted to offer some lockdown friendly suggestions and have put together a list of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

We are not saying you’re not prepared, but just in case you’re not the lucky winner of our Mother’s Day Bathroom Spa Set - Here are our top six ideas for you to consider.

Silk Pillowcases

Seeing a recent boost in popularity, silk pillowcases are the latest bedroom addition to ensuring you get your beauty sleep.

Not only are they luxurious, silk pillowcases also prevent night creams and oils from rubbing off their slippery, non-friction surface, alongside helping to prevent any hair frizz.

DIY Hamper

A more personal present that will really hit the sweet spot alongside a lovely box of chocolates why not create your own DIY Hamper, adding all of her favourite treats to the mix. Whether it is her favourite tea and biscuits, jams, cakes, or sweets we are sure your mum will love a hamper of goodies she can dip into whenever she wants to indulge.

Air Diffuser

Circulating natural oils around the room, not only do they smell great; air diffusers are proven to help you to wind down and relax after a long day. Perfect for busy mums, the adding of essential oils including lavender, jasmine and chamomile, will create a spa like, calming atmosphere.

Foot Spa

Encourage your mum to put her feet up and enjoy an at home pamper session with her very own foot spa. Available with additional massage features, not only will a foot spa leave her feet feeling lush they are also proven to relieve stress and reduce any aches and pains.

House Plants

Instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers, why not push the boat out and go for a botanical option instead? Equally as beautiful, not only will it last longer, plants also help to purify the air within your room while creating a natural and soothing ambiance.


Creating a soothing, peaceful, fragrant ambience candles are an all-time favourite Mother’s Day gift idea that never fails. Whether you pick her favourite scent or try something new, the shear flicker of the gentle light will encourage her to relax in a calming environment.

With current lockdown restrictions still in place we are sure whatever gift you decide this Mother’s Day your mum will be delighted to know you are thinking about her.

Whether a personal heart felt gesture or a practical purchase that will encourage her to relax, if there is one thing the last year has taught us is that there is no alternative to spending time with loved ones.

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