Evolution of New Year’s Resolutions

25 January 2021

Coming out of what has been one of the most turbulent years many of us will have ever experienced a recent study on the evolution of New Year’s resolutions by Brand Watch inspired us at Passmore HQ to do some of our own research.

The study highlighted popular resolutions of years past focused on health changes including ‘reducing alcohol consumption’ ‘exercising more’ and ‘losing weight’. However following the turmoil COVID continues to leave in its wake it’s no surprise that topping 2021’s list of resolutions focused on ‘reconnecting with loved ones’, ‘self-care’ and ‘personal development’.

Highlighting the gravitas and extent in which COVID has impacted all our lives over the past 10 months we wanted to uncover how our own people felt and whether this study was consistent with our own goals and determinations for the year ahead – here’s what we found:

“Spend More Time With Friends and Family.” - Multi- Skilled Fitter, Armajit

Like many of us Armajit didn’t get to see his friends and family as much as he liked last year. He’s hoping to get to see them more when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

“To Be Healthier.” - Steve P, Operations Director

Hoping to be healthier this year Steve is kicking off the year with dry January and hoping to increase his exercise and activity levels as restrictions ease. – If all else fails you’ve always got sober October!

“Get Out More.” - Multi Skilled Fitter, Carl

Carl wants to get out more and enjoy trips further than his local supermarket – in the words of Tesco’s Carl; every little helps!

“Think Positive.” Sarah M, Installations Co-ordinator

Hoping this year is a better than the last and trying to see the good in everything, Sarah plans to be more positive.

“Lose Weight.” - Multi Skilled Fitters, Jack H and Glynn

Hoping to shift some additional pounds this year, Jack is hoping to lose the weight he put on in lockdown.

A popular resolution due more spent time indoors and in our snack cupboards, Glynn also hopes to lose weight this year - Guys we’re sure you’re not on your own!

“Treat Myself.” Rebecca, Marketing Manager

As good as saving is, Rebecca wants to treat herself more this year making a small purchase each month – we see a ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ article pending…

“Have A Holiday.” -Multi Skilled Fitter, Graham H

Wanting a change of environment and to catch some sun, Graham is hoping he can go away this year – we think we could all do with a little extra Vitamin D in 2021!

“Relish 2021.” - Eve, Senior Finance Assistant

Also hoping for more positivity this year, Eve plans to be happier and enjoy this year more than 2020.- We’re all with you on this one Eve, the only way is up (we hope)!

“Self Care” - Kate, Customer Service Assistant

Hoping to practice more self care this year, Kate is hoping to attend the hairdressers more than once this year (disclaimer* once she finally finds one she likes.)

In the most part it seems our people are very emotionally on trend with their focuses for the year ahead with a number of staff opting to improve or rebuild personal relations over shedding a few pounds.

In either instance we wish all our members of staff the best of luck with their resolutions and hope for those that require lockdown restrictions to be eased or lifted, and for the greater good of everyone’s health and happiness, that this happens sooner rather than later.

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