Passmore’s Fire Fighters

17 July 2014

Earlier this week a number of Passmore employee’s – Karen Binks, Richard Higher, Rachel Sykes, Ann Hemsley and Rebecca Silvers, took part in a Fire Warden training course.

The course, which concluded all participating employee’s becoming Passmore’s Fire Wardens, covered:

  • The role of the fire warden
    • The chemistry of fire
    • Common cause of fire and what to be aware of in our line of work
    • Fire safety precautions
    • Fire drills and evacuations
    • Using an array of fire extinguishers
  • The 3 hour course ended with all members becoming familiar with 2 fire extinguishers in particular (Water & CO2).

    2 of the group, Rachel Sykes & Rebecca Silvers, can be seen pictured below enjoying trying their hand at using them.

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