Passmore’s go international?

22 May 2014

A number of years ago Passmore Group carried out an array of home improvements works to a property in Leeds. The works consisted of a Loft Conversion to accommodate a dorma, bedroom, study and en-suite.

In the past couple of weeks we have received an enquiry from the mother of the above requesting a survey and quote to her own property for a Garage Conversion to facilitate a down stairs bedroom and wet floor shower.

When visiting our Showroom the lady was accommodated by her daughter and son. As a result of the works already carried out and service received her Son has also made an enquiry with regards to bathrooms works to his own property in……… FRANCE!

Should Passmore’s go international? You decide!...

On a serious note, and despite all of our surveyors and fitters jumping for joy, France is a rather stretching commute even for our committed guys. That said we are all very humbled at the fact that we have provided that good a service that someone would request us to carry out the works – Leeds you still have us, for now…..Au revoir, Passmore Group.

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