MoreAbility involved in Government Incentive; The Better Care Fund

3 February 2014

Managing Director, Tony Passmore, was last week invited to a meeting with Rotherham Council to discuss the implications of The Better Care Fund; a new Government Incentive, previously known as the Integration Transformation Fund.

The £3.8billion national annual fund is designed to help health and social care providers to work closer together in local areas in order to help bring together Local Authority and NHS Budgets.

The aim of the incentive is to improve the journey, through various relevant agencies, that the elderly and disabled customers experience from a specific viewpoint on their health, needs and independence. Ultimately the incentive has been designed to give individuals more choice about their care with the aim of reducing the pressures on Hospitals and Care Home and allowing them every opportunity to remain independently in their own homes.

Tony Passmore was invited in order to provide Rotherham Council with a specialist service provider viewpoint, MoreAbility, on how they may move towards this important agenda through a seamless and smooth transition. Tony was able to contribute his many years of industry involvement, customer knowledge and hands on experience to the debate providing Rotherham Council with an integral opinion with regards to the incentive, its implementation and its capabilities / limitations.

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