Passmore's come to the rescue of 2 year old Lyall

16 April 2012

The parents of two year old Lyall Cookward, who suffers from serious heart and lung defects, were looking forward to a much needed extension, being built to house a bedroom and specialist bathroom for Lyall. Then, just two weeks before work was due to start, the builder gave backword.

Following a recomendation from the Council, Lyalls parents contacted Passmore's to see if we could help them in their plight. And following discussions, Passmore's building division MoreBuild started work within three weeks, with works already back on the original schedule. Once the extension is built, MoreAbility, the groups special needs division, will install a specially adapted bathroom for 2 year old Lyall.

Pictured is Sharron Cook, with Lyall and Tony Passmore, managing director of Passmore's

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